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Fluxconf2015 - Genesis of the 'There is no cabal!'

Sat Aug 15 10:06:16 UTC 2015

Much to the surprise of MOST (I think, ALL except two) fluxboxers on the planet, a HUGE conference took place on 2015-08-13 in Heidelberg:


In case you missed the conference or were too late to grab the gold tickets: You next chance will be in 2025, Fluxconf takes place only once in 10 years. If the moon is at the right position.

Right now, in Heidelberg / Germany, DebConf2015 is taking place. A nice dude, who travels under the name "Paul ☃ Tagliamonte", happens to be there, for some absolutely unrelated reason.

Coincidentally, yours truly had things to do in Bonn / Germany, which is relativly close to DebConf2015. So, in some kind of spontaneous mood, we decided to just meet in person in Heidelberg.

Time was crucial and very limited. We managed to pack a lot of things into the little we had: a keynote, several talks, a BoF regarding version numbers, evil master plans and a lot more. And beer. Obviously.

Sadly, we were too drunk and/or jetlagged (Paul was up 24hours already when I arrived at his location) to take any pictures. So, you have to take my word for it: it was great!


Fluxbox 1.3.7 - Bam! Zero Bugs!!11!

Sun Feb 08 12:57:55 UTC 2015

To release 1.3.6 ~ a month ago was a great success: A lot of you, our users, who rarely run bleeding edge fluxbox.git, were confronted with what was hidden in the git repository for almost 2 years. Due to the lack of testing power there was no other way to get "massive" feedback. 1.3.6 generated the feedback we needed to make 1.3.7. There will be bugs, obviously, but we think 1.3.7 is in pretty good shape. Without further ado:

Critical Bugfixes:

  • Segfault on startup (mostly *BSD)
  • Segfault on shutdown
  • Segfault on clicking the Remember menu
  • Menu crops on TypeAhead

Minor Bugfixes:

  • Working autorepeat keys
  • Working vertical rotated Tabs and Toolbar
  • Proper size of titlebar buttons on restart / detaching tabs
  • Missing windowmenu works again
  • Several glitches in the menu
  • Correct handling of 'maximized' statement in the apps file


  • The improved TypeAhead sytem is not limited to matches on beginning of menu items anymore, the behavior is configurable:

    • Nowhere - disables TypeAhead support
    • ItemStart - matches typed text only at the start of a menu item
    • Somewhere - matches typed text somewhere in a menu item (Currently this is a configfile-only option)
  • Minor tweaks to the i18n system

  • Updated turkish translations

End User unrelated:

  • Code refactoring and cleanup, assisted by Coverity and clang static code analysis

Get it at the usual places, downloading the source is one option.

The Fluxbox team

Fluxbox 1.3.6 - It's about time.

Tue Jan 06 08:53:46 UTC 2015

After a long long long time it's finally time to give the world a new release: 1.3.6. Many thanks to all the contributors who brought you:

Critical Bugfixes:

  • Clocktool problems
  • Rendering long text
  • Race condition on shutdown
  • Lost keypresses after workspace switch
  • Corruption of fbrun-history

Minor Bugfixes:

  • Resize and Move problems


  • 'ArrangeWindowsStack' action
  • Treat Windows with WM_CLASS == "DockApp" as DockApps


  • Updated translations (Bulgarian, Hebrew, Japanese)

Let it 'flux'! And a happy and successful 2015!

The Fluxbox team

Fluxbox 1.3.5 - Damn logic!

Wed Feb 13 10:12:37 UTC 2013

A nasty, little bug went undiscovered into 1.3.3 and prevented the logic commands from working. So, if you happen to use any of the logic commands like 'if', 'and' or .. well .. 'or' in your keys-file: This is the release that fixes that for you. Nothing else was added or fixed.

Sorry for the inconvinience!

The Fluxbox team

Fluxbox 1.3.4 - bend physics back to reality

Sun Feb 10 16:34:13 UTC 2013

New year, new release. Since the fluxbox-1.3.4 contained a few rather nasty bugs (some have labeled it "unlucky release" :)), here is the 100% bug free version you should use from now on. No more time holes, sorry folks.


  • Added 'LHalf' / 'RHalf' titlebar buttons
  • Added 'ClientPatternTest' command for testing clientpatterns via fluxbox-remote
  • Added 'he_IL' translations

Critical Bugfixes in 1.3.4:

  • All timer based problems are fixed now
  • Fixed integer overflows for some gradient textures
  • Fixed compile issue on MacOS

Other Bugfixes:

  • Correct renderinger of 'sunken' textures
  • Move windows without the lagging-behind-effect on slower machines
  • Improved color brightening in textures
  • Memory and other code improvements in texture rendering code
  • Fix build-system issues

Happy fluxboxing!

The Fluxbox team

The world did not end - let's release 1.3.3

Sun Dec 30 20:01:41 UTC 2012

So, the world is still rotating around the sun and before our calendar hits 2013 we decided to release a new stable version of fluxbox. This is mostly a bugfix release.


  • Added 'NearestCorner', 'NearestEdge' and 'NearestCornerOrEdge' resize methods
  • Added percentage values for commands such as ResizeWindow
  • Added style ressources 'menu.hilite.font', 'menu.hilite.justify'
  • Added 'OnTab' modifier for keys file
  • Added _MOTIF_WM_INFO atom to advertise motif capabilities
  • Added 'fullscreen', 'maximizedhorizontal', 'maximizedvertical' tests to client patterns
  • Added option to revert focus to previous window only on current head in a multi-monitor setup
  • Rewrite of FbTk::TextureRenderer (simpler code)
  • Improved building on Microsoft Windows

Critical Bugfixes:

  • Use of monotonic increasing clock for timer, not affected by leap seconds etc.

Other Bugfixes:

  • Fixed placement off transient windows in a multi-monitor setup with 'holes'
  • Fixed usage of '~' as part of style filenames
  • Replaced (deprecated) XKeycodeToKeysym() with XkbKeycodeToKeysym()
  • Improved vertical alignment of text in decorations
  • Fixed compiler and code style issues
  • Updated italian translations

Happy fluxboxing, great health, luck and everything else for 2013!

The Fluxbox team

Short and sweet and to the point: 1.3.2

Sun Oct 30 09:33:50 UTC 2011

Today the fluxbox team is very happy to announce a new release of fluxbox 1.3.2

After a very successful participation in GSOC2011 (we will report more soonish) and right before we are starting our (slow turning, point taken) engines to integrate the result of the two GSOC2011 projects into the main line (which might be a bit bumpy), we wanted something more stable for you.

Both Pavel and Gediminas, our GSOC2011 participants, contributed to this release all over the place. Most notably, Gediminas added ARGB32 visuals to fluxbox (so, yes, your cairo-dock now looks awesome again). And Gediminas cleaned up some gory old code mess and fixed some crashes along the road.

So, happy release and happy fluxboxing!

The Fluxbox team

GSOC2011... fluxbox participates!

Sun Mar 20 11:45:08 UTC 2011


Your beloved and trusted windowmanager got accepted as a mentoring organization on the Google-Summer of Code. For those of you living under a rock, I will briefly describe the general idea of GSOC:

You work fulltime on a fluxbox related project over the summer
and get paid by Google. Yes, paid. Money.

At the moment we are working on filling out some related paper work (eg, application templates), but you can have a look at some project ideas we have. You can read more about the next steps for you and us at Google's blog.

This is the first time we tried to become part of SOC and we are very happy to see this happen.


Just as promised... 1.3.1!

Sun Feb 27 18:00:54 UTC 2011

Getting the 1.3.0 out of the door brought up some hidden bugs, we tried hard to catch most of them in the last week. Since that went very well, we have a new release for you:

Critical Bugfixes:

  • Fix for not hiding submenus if menuDelay is set.
  • Fix crash when moving transient windows (Dialogs) between Workspaces, #3088856.
  • Fix crash when SystemTray was rotated 90/270 degree, #3188223.
  • Fix potential crash when gettting an UnmapEvent before a FocusEvent.
  • Fix potential crash on accessing NULL-pointer.

Other Bugfixes:

  • Fix wrong width calculation of Systemtray, #3150939.
  • Fix initial placement of WindowMenu, #2731524.
  • Fix incorrectly shown alpha values in Menus, #3187373.
  • Fix render 'sunken' Textures correctly.

Personal note from Mathias: This is the first time 'fluxgen' was not able to get this release out of the door himself. He has injured himself by trying something a real hacker should never be allowed: Leave the keyboard. So, best whishes from here towards Henrik!


You didn't see that coming, did you?

Sat Feb 19 18:50:02 UTC 2011

Fluxbox 1.3 has arrived! A long long long time is over, and we finally decided to make a release.

  • Added support for bidirectional text, #2801836.
  • Allow to override 'Focus New Windows' via .fluxbox/apps
  • New actions:
    • ActivateTab
    • ArrangeWindowsVertical
  • New 'MoveN' and 'ClickN' action support for keys file
  • New focus model 'StrictMouseFocus'. This will affect focus when closing, moving, lowering windows, changing desktops, etc, whereas the 'MouseFocus' model will only change focus when you move the mouse.
  • New "background: unset" property for use in overlays.
  • Allowing relative paths for background images in style files.
  • Allowing matching screen number in ClientPattern.
  • Removed rootcommand from init, as fbsetbg is run automatically nowadays.
  • Removed line style resources from init file.

In any case, we hope to get more into the 'flux' way of doing things, aka release early and often. So, have fun with this release.

Personal note from Mathias: This one is dedicated to the first official 'fluxbaby' on the planet: my daughter Karo, born on 6th of November 2010. Which is, btw, the birthday of Henrik as well :)

The Fluxbox Team

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